An African Thunderstorm

Introduction "An African Thunderstorm" is a poem written by David Rubadiri. He was born in Malawi in 1930. The poet uses a thunderstorm to explain the history of how the West moved to Africa and colonised it. in this…

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An African Thunderstorm by David Rubadiri

A Wreath of Tears: Poem Analysis

"A Wreath of Tears" by Kobena Eyi Acquah pays tribute to the late president of the Methodist Church of Ghana, Osofopon S.B. Esamuah, using a symbolic wreath of memories rather than materialistic funeral practices. The poem talks about personal grief, the unity of the loved ones, and the lasting power of memories over physical objects


A Day’s Wait Summary

A Day's Wait Summary A Day's Wait Video Summary A day's wait is a short story by Ernest Hemingway about a father and his son called Schatz. The story starts with Schatz coming into the room. His demeanor shows…


The Fulani Creation Story Poem Analysis FULANI CREATION STORY POEM ANALYSIS The Fulani Creation Story is a poem which tells the origin of creation from the point of view of the Fulani traditional belief. In this short essay, we will look at the poem appreciation…


Desert Rivers Analysis: by Lade Wosornu VIDEO ANALYSIS OF THE POEM DESERT RIVERS Hello and welcome! Today we are going to have a poem analysis of "Desert Rivers" by the poet Lade Wosornu. Issues in the poem This poem points out that there are a…

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Desert Rivers

Scribbler’s Dream by Lawrence Darmani POEM ANALYSIS OF SCRIBBLER'S DREAM Today we are going to look at the poem analysis of Scribbler's Dream by Lawrence Darmani. The poem "Scribbler's Dream" seeks to challenge writers to go after their dreams and desires in life while…


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