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Today we are going to look at the poem analysis of Scribbler’s Dream by Lawrence Darmani.

The poem “Scribbler’s Dream” seeks to challenge writers to go after their dreams and desires in life while avoiding procrastination.

Let’s read the poem

Scribbler’s Dream

By Lawrence Darmani

Some Themes in the poem

  1. Aspiring writers need to take charge of their craft and start writing instead of building castles in the air.
  2. Persistence and hard work is needed in order to achieve success in writing.
  3. When you have a skill and you don’t use it, you will soon lose the skill.
  4. Procrastination and excuses does not result in any positive change.

Form and Structure of the poem

The poem has three stanzas with 22 lines. There is absence of rhymes. It seeks to address the reader by the use of the second person narrative.

This is achieved by the use of the words “you” and “yours.” The mood of the poet is that of concern towards the attitude of the Scribbler.

Some Literary Devices


Personification can be found in the following lines of the poem

1. Vacuum stares at you

Here, the vacuum is given a human attribute of looking at you.

2. Mating quill and parchment

Note: quill and parchment means pen and paper respectively. Here pen and paper is given the attribute of mating which is impossible.


1. They dig deep who find it

Here there is a repetition of two nearby words ( dig and deep) of initial consonant sounds.

Rhetorical Question

1. When will this dream in your mind fill the shelf, scribbler?

The purpose of the question is not to get an answer but to make a point.

Final thoughts and conclusion

The poem compels all writers who are reluctant to write to stop making excuses and start writing.

The poet is making a complain about the fact that even though all the necessary materials are available to the writer, he still refuses to make good use of it.

Like every worthwhile achievement in life, the poet admits that the way to success is not on a silver platter.

In the end, the poet asks an important question as to when the scribbler is going to take charge and start writing.

Questions and answers on the poem

1. What is the poet referring to as quill and parchment?

ANS: Pen and Paper

2. What does the poet means by saying ” disuse numbs the wrist?”

If you fail to practise your craft, you will lose it

3. What is the dream of the Scribbler?

ANS: The dream of the Scribbler is to become a successful writer.

4. What is preventing the scribbler from realising his dream?

ANS: Procrastination

5. What image does the reference to ” gold adorning the neck” give?

ANS: The image of success

6. What principle of writing does the poet identify?

ANS: Constantly practising the art of writing

7. What does “They dig deep who find it” have to do with hard work?

ANS: It is not an easy task to find gold thus the road to success is not easy.

8. If the scribbler desires to fulfil his dream, what must he so?

ANS: He must work with persistence and commitment.

9. What should the scribbler do about procrastination?

ANS: He must avoid procrastination at all cost

10. List two literary devices in the poem

ANS: Personification and Alliteration


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