Debbie Sandy and Pepe Summary|Themes |Literary Devices|

Debbie Sandy and Pepe is an interesting short story that tells us that God cares for all his creations, even animals. Merril Corney is the author of this great story.

This article will cover the summary of the story, themes, literary devices and questions and answers on the story

Debbie, Sandy and Pepe Summary

Debbie Sandy and Pepe Summary

Debbie found a baby bird beside her house. She called her sister, Sandy, to have a look.

They tried to find its nest but they couldn’t find it. They decided to take care of it themselves.

Taking care of the baby bird

They chose an old letterbox as a nest for the baby bird. They also tried to find it food such as seeds, insects, grass and even chocolate.

They told their mum they wanted to keep it in a cage if it grows up. Their mum’s response was,” birds are happier outside, being free.”

Plans for Pepe at school

Debbie cared so much for the bird. She gave it a name, Pepe. She couldn’t even concentrate in class because she was thinking about the bird.

At school, they spent the afternoon looking for food such as seeds, insects, grass and worms.

Debbie told her teacher, Mrs Atkins all about the bird. Debbie and Sandra were in a hurry to go home and take care of the bird.

Pepe Couldn’t Survive

Unfortunately, the baby bird had died when they reached home. It was sad news but Debbie was more compassionate about Pepe’s death than Sandra. She even blamed Sandra for Pepe’s death because she gave it chocolate.

Debbie Felt Very Sad

Debbie’s heart was broken when Pepe died. Her mum tried to console her but she still felt depressed. Later she asked her mum,” Do birds go to heaven, mum?” but her mum didn’t have an answer to the question.

Debbie Was Finally Free!

The burden of Pepe’s death was taken away when Debbie found a photograph which read, ” Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one of them is forgotten by God.

The bible quotation convinced Debbie that she was not the only one who cared for the baby bird but God also cares for it.

Her sadness was gone. She was in a good mood again.

Debbie Sandy and Pepe story Narration

Themes in Debbie, Sandy and Pepe

  • God loves and cares for all his creation: According to the quotation in the Bible, Debbie was assured that she was not the only one who cared for the bird.
  • We should worry less about things we cannot change: Debbie got so upset when the baby bird died that, it took away all her joy. She overreacted and even blamed Sandra.
  • People react differently to situations in life: While Debbie was compassionate and sensitive about Pepe’s death, Sandra was less sensitive.

Some Literary Devices


  • “We’ll make a soft nest for him and feed him: him referring to Pepe


  • “Poor little thing,” crooned Debbie as she stroked the shivering bundle.
  • “Perhaps, he fluttered here from somewhere else,”


  • It looks like yellow plastic…
  • She wriggled her finger like a worm…


  • Debbie put her hands on her hips


  • “I’ve been waiting for ages”…
  • So many birds! Millions of them…


  • Sandra looked doubtfully at the writhing mass of worms busily trying to tie themselves in knots.

Questions and Answers in Debbie, Sandy and Pepe

1. Why did Debbie name the bird Pepe?

Ans: Because it made a sound like that.

2. According to the story, what role did birds play during the war?

Ans: They were used to send messages to soldiers.

3. Contrast the character of Debbie and Sandra, showing their different emotions.

Ans: Debbie is an emotional and sensitive person while Sandra is less emotional towards issues.

4. Which literary device can be found in the sentence: “she wriggled her finger like a worm and the little creature snapped harmlessly at her.

Ans: Simile

5. What is the theme of this story?

Ans: God loves and caters for all his creation.

6. Why did Debbie think Sandra had killed the bird. What character trait does this portray about Debbie?

Ans: Because she gave her chocolate. Her character trait is, pushing blame on people.

7. Describe the photograph that was on the calendar when Debbie turned it over.

Ans: A countryside scene

8. Why did Debbie become happy after reading the Bible quotation?

Ans: She became assured that Debbie would be okay.

9. Who gave the name Pepe to the baby bird?

Ans: Debbie

10. State the Bible quotation that was on the calendar when Debbie turned it over. What does this quotation suggest about a theme for this story?

Ans: There were a few lines of writing under the photograph that read, “Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies?” It suggested that God still loved and cared for the bird.

11. “And Sandra stamped angrily inside ” What literary device can be found in this sentence fragment?

Ans: Onomatopoeia / Alliteration

12. What do you know about mother? Ans: Their mum was kindhearted and thoughtful towards her children.

13. Mention three examples of literary devices in the story.

Ans: Personification, Simile and Alliteration.

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I would also like to hear your thoughts and suggestions on the story. Thank you for reading to the end.


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