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Mama is a Sunrise” is a poem that celebrates the great role a mother plays in the family. Mama makes everyone come alive and turns everything she touches into gold.

In this article, we shall be looking at:

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When she comes slip-footing through the door: “Slip-footing” shows how calm and gentle mama moves. Once mama comes through the door, things start changing.

She kindles us
Like lump coal lighted
: Mama makes us active. Her food, words and her smile brings us good and happy feelings.

And we wake up glowing: To glow means to shine. Just as the sun glows to give us energy, Mama’s energy makes us feel alive.

She puts a spark even in Papa’s eyes: The use of the word “even” shows that Papa is one who is not easily impressed. Yet, Mama has a way of bringing her light even to Papa.

And turns out all our darkness: Before Mama’s arrival, darkness had engulfed us and taken over our joy but the coming of Mama saves us from life’s problems and difficulties.

When she comes sweet-talking in the room: Mama uses her words to build our confidence. Her sweet-scented words builds us and elevates our spirits.

She warms us Like grits and gravy: Have you ever taken a hot tea on a cold night? That is exactly how she makes us feel. We feel comfortable and at ease with her. Grits and gravy is a maize meal with vegetable sauce.

And we rise up shining: Everyday we feel lucky because we are reminded of Mama’s existence. We are enthusiastic about life and carry a positive energy wherever we go.

Even at night-time Mama is a Sunrise: When all hope is lost and life seems pointless, Mama is there to give us strength. When we feel stuck, we can trust that Mama’s light will always show us the path to victory.

That promises tomorrow and tomorrow: With Mama, we will rise up again when we fall. Our future is secured and protected. We are assured of a successful and a fruitful life because we believe in her words of upliftment.


  • The presence of a mother makes every difficult situation easier and better: When we go through dark moments in life we can turn to our mothers whose encouragement and motivation helps us move forward.
  • Mothers bring out the best in their children and husbands: Her presence brings joy and happiness to the members in the family.
  • A mother is a symbol of hope for the future: We can always hope that tomorrow will be better than today with mother on our side.


There are uneven lines with no rhymes.

The poem is a 2-stanza poem with 12 lines. The 1st stanza has 6 lines as well as the 2nd stanza. The first 4 lines in each stanza starts with the same word. Example: When, she, like and etc.



  • she kindles us like lump coal lighted
  • She warms us like grits and gravy


  • and we wake up glowing


  • Even at night-time Mama is a Sunrise
  • And we rise up shining
  • she kindles us
  • and turns out all our darkness


  • that promises tomorrow and tomorrow


  • She puts a spark even in Papa’s eyes


1. What is the main theme of the poem?

Ans: The essential role of a mother figure.

2. What figure of speech is found in she kindles us (in line 2).

Ans: Metaphor

3. What makes Mama a sunshine? Write two reasons.

Ans: 1. she turns out all our darkness. 2. She lights us like lump coal.

4. What two literary device is present in like grits and gravy?

Ans: Alliteration and Simile.

5. When Mama comes home, what happens to everybody?

Ans: She brings out the light in everybody.

6. What benefit does Papa get from Mama’s sunrise?

Ans: She puts a spark in his eyes.

7. “We rise up shining” in the line 10 of the poem means:

Ans: Mama’s light provides the energy and motivation needed to move us ahead.

8. Tomorrow and Tomorrow refers to……..

Ans: The future.

9. ……….comes sweet-talking through the door.

Ans: Mama

10. Describe Mama at night-time.

Ans: She is a sunrise.


The poem is short, enjoyable and easy to understand. It is a simple as a mother’s love. The words used are calm and flows through the poem seamlessly.

If you have such a sweet mother as Evelyn describes in her poem, then you have something more precious than gold.

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