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Sosu and the Bukari Boys

What is the story about?

Sosu and the Bukari Boys is a story which teaches us to be grateful with what we have and avoid comparing ourselves to others.

Author: Lawrence Darmani

Story Summary of Sosu and the Bukari Boys

The Bukari Boys

Sosu who is the main character in the story is part of a group in his school called the Bukari Boys.

The group is made up of Sosu, Sunka, Abi and Bukari who was their leader.

Bukari was extravagant in school

Sosu was not happy with the amount of money his parents gave him to school. He always compared himself to Bukari who came from a well to do family and brings a lot of money to school.

Meanwhile, Sosu’s family had been having financial difficulties because his father, Mr. Anku had lost his job.

Unlike Sosu and his sister Vivian, Bukari wore flashy items and lived an expensive life in school.

Sosu’s question to Bukari

Sosu was curious about how Bukari got such an amount of money to school so one day, he asked Bukari who gave him so much money to school.

Bukari explained that it was his kind mother who gave him so much money to school.

Sosu became more angry with his mother, Mrs. Anku who gave him and Vivian a small amount of money to school.

Sosu’s family struggle

Sosu’s family went through difficult times.

Her mother was worried about how she was going to get money to cater for the basic and educational needs of her family.

Also, the lack of money was damaging the relationship between parents and children in the family.

Bukari had a secret

Bukari’s secret was revealed when his father brought him to the school assembly.

His father accused him of stealing money to school.

This brought shame to him because he was caned Infront of the whole school.

Sosu realised his mistake

After the incident at school, Sosu felt sorry for how he had behaved towards his parents.

He told his mother what had happened in school while he was crying.

He vowed not to compare himself to others anymore.

Themes of Sosu and the Bukari

  1. We have to be grateful for what we have. Sosu wished that his parents gave him more money to school because of the lifestyle of his friend Bukari.
  2. Shameful things done in secret may one day come to light.Bukari thought he could get away with stealing from his parents but one day he was caught red handed.
  3. Be careful when choosing friends since they can get you in trouble. Sosu and his friends could have been in trouble if Bukari had mentioned their names as those he spent the money with.

Characters and their roles in Sosu and the Bukari Boys

Sosu: Sosu played the role of a boy who who was not satisfied with the amount of money his parents gave him to school.

Vivian: Sosu’s sister.

Mrs. Anku: Sosu’s mother. She was a Christian who cared a lot for the well-being of her family.

Mr. Anku: Mr. Anku played the role of Sosu’s father.

Uncle Sam: Sosu’s Uncle.

Bukari: He was the leader of the Bukari Boys.

Mr. Ziblim: Bukari’s father.

Sunka and Abi: They were members of Bukari Boys.

Mr. Quist: Sosu’s Mathematics teacher.

Attipo: Sosu’s friend whom he disliked.

Some literary devices in Sosu and the Bukari Boys

Rhetorical question

  • So how could his mother give him the same amount as she did everyday?
  • So his friend Bukari was a thief?
  • What if Bukari pointed to him and their other friends?


  • But Sosu looking like and angry boy who had been hurt.
  • Every lunch break was like Christmas for the Bukari Boys.
  • Bukari cried like a child.


  • They sat under the Mango tree to talk about other people.
  • Take it before I change my mind
  • They would call an assembly and publicly punish the pupil.
  • Where would he hide his face


  • He prayed but his heart was full of anger.
  • Sosu’s heart was burning with anger. 


  • He wore pair of bright white canvas shoes and a new school uniform.
  • The head teacher stood tall and lanky in front saying something very serious to the whole school.

Some questions and answers

1. What was the name of Sosu’s sister?

ANS: Vivian

2. Every lunch break was like……….for the Bukari Boys.

ANS: Christmas

3. What was Sosu’s favourite subject?

ANS: Mathematics

4. What made Sosu’s heart burn with anger?

ANS: His wasn’t satisfied with the amount of money he was given to school.

5. Why did Sosu and his friends form the Bukari Boys group?

ANS: They were all born on December.

6. Why didn’t Sosu want to take the money that his mother was giving him?

ANS: He wasn’t happy with the amount.

7. What happened before Sosu finally took the money his mother gave him?

ANS: When his father intervened.

8. What behaviour of the Bukari Boys should be avoided?

ANS: They behaved like they were better than everyone in school by displaying their wealth.

9. Why was Sosu ashamed when he and his friends went for break?

ANS: He was ashamed to let his friends know that he had a small amount of money. 

10. What lesson does this story teach young people in school about making friends?

ANS: One should not compare themselves to their friends.

11. How would you argue that the headmaster was a disciplinarian?

ANS: The fact that Mr. Ziblim had the confidence to bring Bukari to the head master for correction shows that the headmaster is a disciplinarian.

12. Why was Mrs. Anku sorrowful and what helped her feel better in times of sorrow?

ANS: She was sorrowful because of money problems her family was going through.

What helped her to stay hopeful was her favourite Bible quote, ” put all your worries on God for he cares about you.


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