Summary of Home Sweet Home in the Cockcrow

Home sweet home is a story about the return of a young girl from the city to her village after completing university. She was returning to teach in her village called Dukana, her sweet home. It was a remarkable…


Sleep without wake: Poem Analysis

Poem: Sleep without wake Poet: A.A. Amoako What is the poem about? "Sleep without Wake" is a poem that explores the grief associated with losing a mother and the breaking up of bonds between a mother and a son. This…


The Girl Who Can story summary-Cockcrow

In "The Girl Who Can" by Ama Ata Aidoo, Adjoa, a seven-year-old girl with thin legs, defies expectations by excelling in a district running competition. Despite initial doubts from her grandmother, Nana, Adjoa's victory proves that physical appearance does not determine one's abilities.


Sosu and the Bukari Boys Story Summary

What is the story about? Sosu and the Bukari Boys is a story which teaches us to be grateful with what we have and avoid comparing ourselves to others. Author: Lawrence Darmani Story Summary of Sosu and the Bukari Boys…

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Sosu and the Bukari Boys

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