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Questions and answers on the Dilemma of a Ghost in the Cockcrow.

1. What is the conflict in the Dilemma of a Ghost?

2. What does the Dilemma of a Ghost talk about?

3. Why was Eulalie not having a child?

4. Who are Mansa and Akroma in the story?

5. Who is the master scholar in the Dilemma of a Ghost?

6. Who is Ebow?

7. Who was the Ghost and what was his dilemma?

8. What are the main themes of the dilemma of a ghost?

9. Explain how Ato’s mother, Esi Mom, felt about her son returning home with an African-American wife.

10. What literary device can be found in the statement, “Already, naughty slumber is stealing over my senses”?

11. Narrate Ato’s dream in your own words.

12. What did Nana mean by saying, “Ato, do not talk with the foolishness of your generation?

13. In the story, who was known to have “the hardest mouth” in their town , and why was this person described this way?

14. Why did Eulalie throw away Esi Kom’s gift and how did that action reveal her character?

15. What was Esi Kom’s intention when she gave the gift to Ato and Eulalie?

16. Where did Eulalie come from?

17. Why did Ato slap Eulalie?

18. Why was Ato’s reason for not telling his family the truth about his plan to delay childbirth?

19. Who informed Maami that Eulalie had thrown away the snails?

20. When did Ato have his dream?

21. What was Nana’s reason for disapproving Ato’s marriage?

22. Mention the three major clans stated in the prelude.

23. What was Ato’s family remedy for the childlessness of Eulalie?

24. What is the name of the second woman?

25. What suggestion did Nana give to Akroma concerning her wife’s stomach?

26. What was Esi Kom rearing in Ato’s name and why did she sell the sheep?

27. State one proverb in the drama.

28. What opinions did 1st woman and 2nd woman have concerning childbirth?

29. Who is referred to as the daughter of slaves?

30. What was Eulalie’s reaction to the drum roll in Africa?

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What the drama is about?

The drama is about the problems which ensues when a young Ghanaian graduate marries an African-American woman. Their stay in Africa was not as peaceful as they had imagined.

The sample questions and answers above are helpful in preparing students for exams.

However, teachers should make sure that students are familiar with the text in the cockcrow to develop a good understanding of the drama.

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  1. Bawana Bakiyem

    Eulalie:shall I die where you will die?
    Ato:yes____And if you want you shall be buried there also
    What literary devices is used here

    1. George

      @Bawana, the literary device in the first line is called “Repetition” ( die and die) and the second line is “Alliteration” ( be buried)

  2. Portia

    Eulalie: shall I die where you die?
    Ato: yes____And if you want you shall be buried there also?
    1. What literary device is used here?

    1. Anonymous



    What does the bird of the wayside implies