Comprehension Questions and Answers for JHS 1

This article contains a comprehension passage and answers for JHS. Teachers can use these to set examination questions whilst students can use these as practice questions.


Read the passage below carefully and answer the questions which follows

Reading story books has a number of benefits. One of such advantages is the experience that we acquire. Story books are written about other people’s lives.

It is true that the more we come into contact with others, the more we learn about their individual lifestyles.

Even though it is not possible to come into contact with many people, we can do this by reading about them in books.

Experience helps us to avoid certain mistakes of others which have affected them adversely. At the same time we are encouraged to copy the good principles of successful people.

Again, the reading of story books equips us with vital vocabulary. It is important to note that items of vocabulary are the building blocks of language.

Knowledge of these items is needed for the understanding of certain expressions or sentences.

Knowing the culture of other people can also be gained from reading story books.

When we read, we travel we travel through books to see the culture of other people in the same way as we travel to other countries or places to get in touch with the way of life of the people there.

Answer all questions in this section.

1a. What benefit of reading is discussed in the first paragraph?

b. State two ways in which experience is useful to us.

2a. What does this in the third paragraph represent?

b. State the main benefit of reading in the fifth paragraph.

3.Why are the items of vocabulary described as the building blocks of language?

4.What do we get from reading as stated in the final paragraph?

5. Mention the two words in the last paragraph which describes the same activities?

6. In a single sentence, summarise the three benefits of reading story books.

7.For each of the words in bold print, find another word or phrase that means almost the same and can replace it.

i. benefits

ii. acquire

iii. adversely 

iv. equips

v. culture

vii. vital

Answers to comprehension questions

1a. To learn from other people’s experience.

1b. 1.To avoid the mistakes of others

  2. To learn the good principles of successful people.

2a. Getting into contact with people.

2b. To equip us with vocabularies.

3. They help us to understand language or they make up the language.

4. To know the culture of others.

5. read and travel

6. The three benefits are, to learn the culture of others, to get experience and to gain vital vocabulary.

7. i. advantages

 ii. gain

 iii. negatively

 iv. lifestyle / way of life

 v. essential

Students can use this as practice questions before examination with guidance from a teacher.

How much did you score practicing these comprehension questions?


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