English objective questions for JHS 1

This article contains English objective questions and answers for JHS 1. These are trial questions for pupils in J.H.S 1(BS7) to practice their skills in answering English objective questions.


Choose the most appropriate answer for each question.

1. Joseph got what he wanted.

a. does what    b. didn’t he

c. do he       d. done he

2. Singing is not a nice hobby.

a. isn’t he      b. isn’t it

c. is it        d. it is not

3. Can you see me? The teacher asked.

Reported speech:

a. The teacher asked if I could see him

b. The teacher ask can you see me.

c. The teacher wants to see me

d. Can you see me the teacher said

4. Everybody………..by the bad news last week.

a. has been     b. were shocked

c. was shocked    d. shock

5. If Rita………to do her homework the teacher will give her a low mark.

a. forgot       b. forgive

c. forgo        d. forgets

6. I will be happy if you ……….. to my party.

a. comes        b. come

c. goes        d. came

7. If it ………… the things will not dry.

a. rained        b. rain

c. raining       d. rains

8. I haven’t seen him ………… yesterday.

a. since        b. from

c. beside       d. for

9. You should not steal………people

a. from        b. with

c. take        d. at

10. Do you want me to help you………this?

a. at         b. with

c. for         d. again

11. He takes the train………..his fear for driving.

a. due to       b. due for

c. due at       d. due over

12. Samson will be late to work……….she has a dental appointment.

a. at          b. yet

c. for          d. but

13. They are leaving on Wednesday……..or not it rains.

a. if          b. whether

c. though        d. unless

What type of adverb is underlined?

14. She laughs happily at my jokes.

a. place         b. manner

c. frequency       d. time

15. I searched for him everywhere.

a. place         b. manner

c. time         d. frequency

16. He goes to the movies often.

a. manner        b. place

c. time          d. frequency

Determine the purpose of the statement below

17. I see things differently.

a. disagreeing      b. agreeing

c. giving advice   d. asking for advice

18. What do you think I should do?

a. giving advice      b. agreeing

c. asking for advice    d. disagreeing

19. You should always ………….

a. asking for advice    b.agreeing

c. giving advice      d. disagreeing

Use the words in the brackets to form present perfect progression.

20. Why is he so tired? He (play)……..tennis for five hours.

a. has been playing  b. had playing

c. had been playing  d. will be playing

21. We (look for)……..the motorway for more than an hour.

a. have look for 

b. have been looking for

c. been looking

d. had looking for

Choose from the underlined the one that shows the the type of noun underlined

22. I will visit my mother-in-law next week.

a. subject      b. compound

c. common     d. countable

23. The children were excited to see the galaxy of stars.

a. collective      b. compound

c. Proper       d. countable

From the options given choose if the underlisted is a subordinate or main vlause

24. I will go on a trip if the car is on good condition.

a. main clause  b. subordinate clause

25. When we drove there, we got lost.

a. main clause  b. subordinate clause

26. Since the display was great, I’m glad we went.

a. main clause  b. subordinate clause

Write out in full what the following abbreviation and initials stand for.

27. C.E.O

a. Come Eat Over

b. Clearance Executive Officer

c. Chief Executive Officer

d. Center Exams Over

28. Dr.

a. Duty       b. Dear

c. Draw      d. Doctor

29. Rev.

a. River       b. Revoke

c. Reveal       d. Reverend

30. W.W.W

a. When will win

b. World Wide Web

c. We Went In

d. World Wolf Web


1. B           16. D

2. B           17. A

3. A           18. C

4. C           19. C

5. D           20. C

6. B           21. B

7. D           22. B

8. A           23. A

9. A           24. A

10. B          25. B

11. A          26. B

12. C          27. C

13. B          28. D

14. B          29. D

15. A           30. C

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Try these questions on your own without looking at the answers. Comment below on how to much you got correct out of 30

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