Sample English Comprehension Questions and answers for J.H.S

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Comprehension questions and answers for J.H.S

This article contains Sample English comprehension questions and answers for J.H.S that can be used for practice by students. Teachers may also use these to set English comprehension questions.

Read the following passage and answer the questions on it.

Long, Long ago, there lived two close friends at a small village. These intimate friends were Cat and Mouse. One day, the two friends decided to prepare their favourite meal, aprapransa.

The two comrades liked aprapransa so much that anytime that meal was prepared, their intimacy or friendship became stronger.

To prepare aprapransa, one needs palm fruits, pepper, salt, fish and roasted corn powder. To these some people some people add salted fish and sweet-scented beans. Each of the two friends was to bring some of the ingredients for the preparation of the meal.

Unfortunately, Mouse explained that he had a stomach ache and so did not bring even one item! It was cat who provided everything for the meal. During the preparation, Mouse told his friend that he had a severe headache and so could not go near the fire.

When that tasty meal was finally cooked, the sweet aroma filled the environment. The friends decided to work together on their farm before eating the meal in the evening.

On the farm, Mouse told Cat that he had a runny stomach so he went home, leaving cat alone working on the farm. In the house, Mouse opened the pot of aprapransa and sat on the edge.

The pot overturned and covered Mouse. He ate and ate the meal till he could not breathe.

When cat reached the house, he saw the overturned pot and tried opening it. Mouse quickly passed under the pot and started running away, with Cat chasing him. That is why the cat always catches mice.

Read and answer the questions below

A. Which two friends are mentioned in in the story?

Ans: (1) Cat (2) mice

B. What are the main ingredients for the preparation of aprapransa?

Ans: Palm fruits, pepper, salt, fish and roasted corn powder.

C. How many ingredients are not compulsory to be added?

Ans: Two ingredients

D. Why do you think some people add the last ingredient?

Ans: To improve upon the aroma of the food.

E. What was the first excuse mouse gave before the meal was prepared?

Ans: Mouse complained he had stomach ache

F. What was the last excuse ?

Ans: Mouse said he had severe headache

G. What kind of friend is mouse?

Ans: Mouse is a lazy friend.

I. For each of the following, use another word or phrase which means the same and can also replace it?

i. Intimate = Close

ii. Comrade = friends

iii. intimacy = relationship

iv. severe = bad

v. aroma = smell


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