How to get a Police report in Ghana-Kumasi or Accra

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If you are wondering, ‘how to get a police report in Ghana whether Kumasi or Accra, follow these simple steps.

How much is police report in Ghana ?

As of January 2024, the charge is 115 Ghana Cedis.

Step 1: Documents needed

  • Your passport.
  • Two passport pictures with a red background. (Note: Write your full name and the name of the country you are going at the back of the two passport pictures if you are traveling with it)
  • Coloured photocopy of your passport (Make sure you capture where your face appears and the opposite side where you see “observation”)
  • Tip: carry a pen.

Step 2: Location of where to do it

You can either do it in Kumasi or Accra if you are in Ghana.


If you want to do it in Kumasi, ask for directions to Kumasi Central Police Station at Adum.

When you reach the place, go inside and ask any of the police officers that you want to do a police report. They will show you the reception center where you will have to go and join a queue.

Later on, you will be transferred to their conference hall where you will still join a queue.

When it’s your turn, you will first pay 115 Ghana Cedis with the accountant and collect your receipt.

Now, put the coloured photocopy of your passport, the receipt and the two passport pictures in the your main passport. The police officer will take these before taking your finger print.

Next, join another queue where a police officer will guide you to take your finger print.

After this, you will be guided on how to fill a short form of your name, passport number, email, address, country of destination etc.

Congratulations! you have finished with the process.

How long does it take to get a police report in Ghana?

You will get your police report in one(1) month after going through the process.

Bonus tip: They start their work around 8:00 in the morning so it is advisable to go early to finish the process on time.


The process to follow in Accra and Kumasi are similar. In Accra, it is done at the Nima Police Station.

When you reach the Nima Police Station, ask any police officer the location of where to do the police report and they will show you.

In Accra, you will be given some forms to fill your details and later be directed to join a queue.

When it’s your turn, you will be directed to pay 115 Ghana Cedis to the accountant and your finger print will be taken.

Congratulations, you will receive your report in a month time.

Bonus tip: If you are doing it in Accra, go as early as possible as you can else, you will join a very long queue.

Frequently asked questions

1.How long does it take to get a police report in Ghana?

Ans: within 1 month

2. How many passport pictures are needed.

Ans: Two.passport pictures with red backgrounds.

3. In Kumasi, Can I do the photocopies at the police station?

Ans: No, you will have to go outside of the police station and ask around for a printing press.

4. How much does the police report cost?

Ans:115 Ghana cedis

5. Can you pay through mobile money?

Ans: No they take physical cash.


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